Labels and goals

In previous posts I have labeled us as 1/3 Un-Schoolers, 1/3 Classical, and 1/3 Charlotte Mason, but why did I do that?  Doesn’t that just put us in a box?  Can we stray from the box or are we stuck in there forever….?   Let me answer:  I did that so I can relate to readers and help us with goal setting, HOWEVER, we are not stuck in the box, we don’t have a list of what to do each day marked down to the hour, and we can change our minds whenever we feel like we should.  So can any of you.

I am a firm believer in doing what is best for your child’s education, that’s why we homeschool. 

We are not fans of government ran mini-prisions for our kids, however, I understand some kids have no choice.  When my child was in public school I kept thinking of all the negative around him and how no one there, not even his teacher, cares for him as much as I do.  I am the one who understands his strengths and weaknesses best, who can cater to his needs.  It’s not the teachers fault, its the entire school system.  I don’t blame the over-worked teacher who has WAY TOO MANY kids in his/her class.  Most teachers do their best, and that’s all most parents can ask, but I’m not one of them, and I decided that I could tackle homeschooling.

The only thing that really matters is whether your family is happy. 

Labeling our homeschool is beneficial in setting goals for our kids.  It creates a philosophy so we all understand what we are striving for each day.  We are striving to be happy, life-long learners of life and academics. We are striving for our kids to see the importance and the fun in reading great books. We are striving for them to appreciate nature and the beauty it holds, and how we all need to make sure to keep it that way. We are striving for them to want to learn. We are striving for them to understand that it’s okay to not know the answer, but it’s important to be able to figure out how to find the resources to get the answer. We are striving to raise good-hearted people.

I’m sure pretty much everyone would agree on our goals, no matter what homeschool style they fit into, but how we get there is different.  That’s where your philosophy comes into play.  You may be wanting to study bees, but your kids wants to know about dog breeds….. do you go ahead with what you want, or listen to your kids and their interest at that time and go with theirs (saving Bees for another day).  And when you decide on a subject how do you approach it….living books, lap books, field trips?  Those are all different ways, all good in their own way, but depending on your philosophy it may be different than other people.

What is your philosophy on homeschooling and your goals?

Children are amazing and can do amazing things if you open your heart and mind and give them room to flourish. 

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