Last Day of School, Full of Surprises :)

2013-2014 has come to a close.  The kids had a great year, it was our first FULL year of homeschooling. A success, and ready for next year. The kids are getting 2 weeks off, and they are excited to play with their friends whenever they like.

Today, we decided to have a day of surprises for them and end with a bang!

Surprise #1:  Donuts!


Surprise #2:  A 2 hour Art Workshop (Turner opted not to participate, but Lilly had a fantastic time!)


Surprise #3:  Lunch at one of their favorite Japanese Steakhouses (the ones with the fire!)



Surprise #4:  Jason and I had printed out Diplomas to make it more official. They loved them and kept saying all day they have graduated and get to move up!


Surprise #5:  No school work!  They took the afternoon to build.  Lilly built a spaceship, and Turner a Limo.



Surprise #6:  Later tonight they are going swimming with their friends and we’re getting ice cream!


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