It doesn’t always turn out like you plan

So my husband, Jason, brought home some $7 ‘slime’ from Walmart the other day. My daughter, Lilly loved it. And so it began. The ideas were rolling…. “That is expensive…. you don’t get very much…. it’s so cool…. kids would love this stuff… hey, it’s probably not that hard to make…”

By the end of the night, Lilly and Jason had decided to make their own ‘brains’ and sell it for half the cost.

They went to work on designing a logo, our daughter, who is 6 BTW, named it Real Brains and picked out the logo and font. This took them most of the night. By Day 2, they were ordering plastic jars (after an hour of research), then ordered t-shirts for the entire family to wear while selling Real Brains, and stickers for the jars, even a banner for the table was ordered. All in all the total for our daughter’s 1st little (business) adventure was about $300. This also included supplies to fill about 220 jars.


Our town was about to have their 4th of July festival, and we decided that was the place to be. Another $25 to get a spot.

We had a great time making the Brains and packaging it all up (about 4 hours total).



We set out our booth and Lilly was ready to sell!


Okay, so she did awesome the 1st hour, and sold 9 jars. 4 to one lady, thanks to Turner’s mad selling skills.

However, a giant storm came through, and pretty much knocked down everyone’s booths (we were lucky and left about 2 minutes before it came down, we had gotten word it was coming our way). After the storm we went back out and set up, but only sold 3.

It’s not always a good idea just because ‘you’ think it is or because ‘you’ like something. That doesn’t mean there’s a market for it. My kids learned this really fast. They also learned to never give up, because even though they heard about 200 no’s, those yes’s made up for them and they felt a since of accomplishment. They enjoyed it and I’m glad we backed Lilly in her 1st business as a 6 year old, even if it was a flop. It was such a great learning experience.


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