Triathlons are so much fun!

Turner entered in his 1st triathlon of the year.  We each compete in a minimum of at least 1 race each year, however, more are encouraged. He and his sister are currently training for another TRI at the end of August. Jason recently ran two 5Ks, placing 2nd in one, and getting a PR in the other. I am training for a 50 mile bike ride in August. And Jason and I are also entering in a team Duathlon in October.

We love to be active together as a family. Yes, we are the crazy fun family you will find running down the neighborhood street, riding bikes at the park, hanging out at the Y, trying out rock climbing, kayaking, anything outdoors…. it really brings us closer together in one of the best ways possible.

Turner was semi-ready for this race, he could have done with some more swimming training, but finished 5th overall and had a fun time.


He is the 2nd to the left.



Check out this site to find races near you!

Both kids competed in 4 youth Tri’s last year as their 1st official year competing and the last one was amazing, both getting on the stand!

995984_3353508452579_87548201_n  1011497_3354340953391_1464771363_n  1174545_3354350153621_639460184_n


1149034_3353510612633_1446948094_n  1000255_3354343913465_1988197857_n  1148987_600272763358527_1138934385_n


Lilly was the last person in the entire race to cross the finish line, and they made it amazing and glorious to watch. If you have 2 minutes I encourage you to see the good in people and the fun in racing by watching this video, it’s her crossing the finish line, with lots of kids running behind her cheering her on and other parents making a tunnel at the finish!  There’s also a link from our Facebook page.

I really want to encourage all you parents out there to get up and enjoy your time with your children.  It is short lived, they will never be this young again. Have fun with them, train with them, race with them, it truly brings everyone closer and I promise you won’t regret it!


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