No [school room] here

Yes, we homeschool. No, we don’t have a schoolroom (insert ‘gasp’ from readers here!)

Let me start over. I started homeschooling a little over a year ago, when I pulled my Kindergartener out of PS (He cried every morning and didn’t want to go, so I figured, I’m home, I’ll try it out. I felt terrible sending him somewhere he didn’t want to be.)

In the beginning, we had a small table and I decided to do a ‘rotate through the stations’ idea. A math station, science, sandbox, history, art, etc…. it was kinda neat for a Kindergartener, but for me, it was stressful… trying to think of something super fun all the time. I got burnt out and we did away with that after about a month.

We finally moved and had a huge extra room, so I thought yes a school room! I even bought both kids a desk like you would find in school, off Amazon. At first they enjoyed the desks. We had the walls decorated, a computer set up, and a huge whiteboard for me to ‘teach’ them lessons.  (This is hard for me to recall, I mean ‘What was I thinking?’…. I took them out of school only to recreate my own school!)

After another month or 2 of that nonsense, I took down everything on the walls, did away with the whiteboard, and moved their desks into their rooms, so they could still use them if they wanted (My daughter uses hers for art projects, my son hasn’t looked at his for months).


It felt so good to be rid of all that ‘school’ stuff, even for me.

We started doing our Math on on giant rug in the mornings, then read on the couch, and do Science and History wherever we like also. We were free to use any part of the house we wanted, and the outdoors.

I like having my extra room back in the house also, we actually turned it into a screen room (TV and computer), and now we have a den, quiet room, sitting room, whichever you want to call it. It’s amazing not having a TV in the main room of the house, I love it.  We haven’t had cable in 3 years anyhow, so it made no sense to have it there anyway, since it’s hardly used.

Conclusion:  To homeschool, you don’t need a special room. You need to do what is comfortable and inviting for you and your kids. I was dreading the school room also, so it just made sense to get rid of it. Homeschooling is about flexibility and creating a love of learning, I try to tell myself this every morning so we can start the day off right.

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