Slug Bug Happiness

It’s days like yesterday, and the little moments that occurred that gave me one thought in my head: I’m so glad I can homeschool.

We started our school back last week for this year. Yesterday, when my daughter was at piano lessons, my 7 year old son and I were on our way to the store to pick up something for a neighborhood BBQ we were attending soon.

At the stoplight, he leaned over, punch me, and yelled, “Yellow Slug Bug!”  His face was pure happiness, and we laughed. However, me “Queen of the slug bug game”, was already in ‘game mode’ and looking for a different slug bug to get him back, and 10 seconds later I spotted it, an older yellow one. So I punched him back, “Old Yellow Slug Bug!”  He couldn’t see it, so I showed it to him and again we were smiling. As the light turns green and I am driving into the parking lot, I spot 2 more.  Punches going Turner’s way, and me saying, “White one…. and another old white one!”  He couldn’t believe I got him 3 times in 2 minutes.  [Non-stop laughter and smiles] Turner saying, “Oh my gosh, you’re so good, how do you see all those?”

Well, at that moment I felt so close to my son over something so simple as playing Slug Bug with him.

He had the biggest smile, and I knew in that moment he was one happy kid, one of the happiest maybe in that moment in time.

A thought came over me, about how lucky I am, how lucky my kids are, how amazing it is to be able to homeschool them.  To know where they are during the day, to know how they are doing, to know that no one is picking on them, to know they got enough to eat, to know they weren’t rushed in the morning and had a good nights rest, to know they aren’t playing alone on the playground, to know they are learning, to know that they are safe, and to wonder, no, to know that they are happy.

For that’s what we all want in life, for our kids to be safe, healthy, and happy. And what better way to ensure our kids get that through homeschooling.

Thank you Turner for the little moments, I look forward to them each and everyday with you and your sister.



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