Ride Em’ Cowboy

There was a rodeo in town this weekend. My daughter rode a sheep last year and won 1st place (all the boys chickened out)!

This year my son decided he wanted a sheep trophy also, so off to the rodeo we wenthoping to bring home a trophy!


_JAS4248 _JAS4241 _JAS4234 _JAS4232 _JAS4231 _JAS4228 _JAS4226

This is called Muttin Bustin’. The kids are given a score and the top 3 spots get a trophy and cash money! Here’s Turner:


_JAS4260 _JAS4262

Turner got a 77 with his ride, putting him in first place (for the moment).  Giant smile on his face, because he LOVED it so much!


Here is his cousin Caden, scoring a 72, putting him in 2nd (for a while).

_JAS4272 _JAS4275_JAS4278

By the end, Turner’s score held strong for a 2-way tie for 3rd place, and Caden with the 4 spot.


He had an awesome time and can’t wait to try it again!  Now he’s got a sheep trophy like his sister 🙂

Here’s his video  

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