Neighbors on the Block

I just wanted to say we have some awesome neighbors!

10 years earlier:  We had bought our first house, not in the best neighborhood, but not in the worst either. We were only 20 years old and took what we could get. Anyways, I remember moving in and an elderly woman came and brought us a candle and welcomed us to the street. But that was about it. It was short-lived. We had our friendly waves and our 5 minute conversations a few times a year. But nothing further for the 5 years we lived there.

Present day: Before we moved in we actually talked to 3 of our ‘maybe soon-to-be neighbors’.  We thought they were nice and figured it would be a good place for the kids to grow up.

We were right.

It’s been 1 year since we moved to our current house. We have AWESOME neighbors.

We have 5 families of neighbors. We talk to all of them, but mainly 4. We have made really good friends since moving here. My son is best friends with one of the boys, and we even got him into BMX.  There is an older couple who seem to really like my kids and buys them stuff ALL THE TIME. Another younger couple, we are planning Mountain Biking trips with. Our kids all play together (although for some reason it’s always at our house). We even had smores in the front yard one night, and everyone stopped by.

Yes, we picked a pretty sweet spot to move to.

I write about our awesome neighbors because I wanted to encourage you to get out there and introduce yourselves. Find some common ground, and possibly make some new friends. Your next best friend might live right next door 🙂


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