Just Keep Swimming

My daughter, Lilly, was 3 when she almost drowned. There were 3 adults and 5 kids swimming that day, all the kids had lifejackets on. It was an unground pool, going to 9 ft deep.

My daughter decided she wanted to get out and not swim anymore. So I took her lifejacket off.

I thought she was going to sit and get a snack, but then a few minutes later, someone said, “Where’s Lilly?”

We all started looking around and then my sister said something along the lines of, “Oh my gosh, she’s in the water!” She had spotted her in 6 feet of water, sinking lower and lower.

She swam over to her and grabbed her. I’m not sure how long she was really under, I think only a few seconds. She coughed up a little water, but seemed fine overall.

I was a mess and couldn’t believe I had let something like that happen when we were all right there. We took her to the hospital to make sure she didn’t have water in her lungs and was okay.

Thankfully, yes, she was fine, and is fine today. In fact, she LOVES swimming.

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My kids love to swim. We lived in Texas for a little over a year and during that time, our kids were 4 and 5. We lived in an apartment with an awesome pool and some neighbors (who actually taught my kids to swim).

They swim all the time now. They get compliments on their swimming, which is cool and all, but all that really matters is knowing they are safe.

I truly believe all kids should learn how to swim/tread water before they are 5.

There are too many sad stories that could be avoided if the kids could have at least kept themselves afloat for a few minutes until help arrived.

I encourage you all to get your kids swimming early. Swimming is so much fun, but it can also be a lifesaver.

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