No Workbook Wednesdays

5 days of school was starting to become a drag. It seemed like we needed a mid-week relaxed day. Instead of taking the entire day off, we came up with another solution: No Workbook Wednesdays.

Now, when I first mentioned this to the kids they were pretty upset (they don’t like to part with their Math book!)…. just kidding!  They LOVED the idea, (a little too much maybe).

We all had a ton of fun and we like the idea of unschooling, but we also like the idea of our kids not getting behind and challenging them. I feel like they wouldn’t be challenged as much if we just left the learning up to our regular day. So, yes, we have workbooks for Math, Spelling/Reading, and Language Arts.

Here is a small clip of what the day is like and how we still manage to learn and experience a lot.

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