It’s March

Well, the school year is coming to a close. Turner keeps asking me how long until he is in 3rd grade… my response is after you get your 1000 hours of school complete for 2nd grade.

I actually HATE counting hours, but I do it so if something happens I have proof that they are doing things, although just talking to my kids for 5 minutes and you can tell they know just as much (if  not more) than a PS kid.

We don’t ask the PS teachers to ‘log’ the kids hours. Sure they may be sitting in Math class everyday from 10am-11am, but I guarantee you they aren’t doing 60 minutes of Math. Oh, well, I’m just thankful that MO is pretty good to homeschoolers in general, so I shouldn’t complain about tracking hours I guess.

PERSONAL UPDATE: During the month of January, up until Valentine’s Day, Jason was gone. He tried out a new job in ND, and decided it was best to come home and try MMW again, along with another new software he developed, TxtFyre. It was really hard on Lilly for him to be away and us as well, we so are SUPER EXCITED he is home!

I’m excited that the kids are getting older.

Kindergarten and 1st are fun, but there is such a transition between reading and understanding, that it seems like it’s hard to keep them all happy. With Turner being in 2nd grade, I’m either going over the other 2’s heads or slowing things down too much for Turner. I think they will all be more on track next year. With two 2nd graders and one 3rd grader.

I really like the idea of un-schooling, and sometimes associate ourselves with that… usually on those lazy days 🙂 But I also like our Explode the Code books for learning to read and our Math books. Once they finish up ETC, then I don’t foresee us getting another curriculum like that because I think it would just be busy work at that point. I will keep Math books in the picture though. However, I am wanting to do something for studying root words which I think will really help kids understand larger words and vocabulary. I myself am not that great at vocabulary and it’s something I hope my kids can excel at better than me.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Turner started his Green Math Book the beginning of January. He also started book 5 1/2 of ETC.

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