Slug Bug Happiness

It’s days like yesterday, and the little moments that occurred that gave me one thought in my head: I’m so glad I can homeschool.

We started our school back last week for this year. Yesterday, when my daughter was at piano lessons, my 7 year old son and I were on our way to the store to pick up something for a neighborhood BBQ we were attending soon.

At the stoplight, he leaned over, punch me, and yelled, “Yellow Slug Bug!”  His face was pure happiness, and we laughed. However, me “Queen of the slug bug game”, was already in ‘game mode’ and looking for a different slug bug to get him back, and 10 seconds later I spotted it, an older yellow one. So I punched him back, “Old Yellow Slug Bug!”  He couldn’t see it, so I showed it to him and again we were smiling. As the light turns green and I am driving into the parking lot, I spot 2 more.  Punches going Turner’s way, and me saying, “White one…. and another old white one!”  He couldn’t believe I got him 3 times in 2 minutes.  [Non-stop laughter and smiles] Turner saying, “Oh my gosh, you’re so good, how do you see all those?”

Well, at that moment I felt so close to my son over something so simple as playing Slug Bug with him.

He had the biggest smile, and I knew in that moment he was one happy kid, one of the happiest maybe in that moment in time.

A thought came over me, about how lucky I am, how lucky my kids are, how amazing it is to be able to homeschool them.  To know where they are during the day, to know how they are doing, to know that no one is picking on them, to know they got enough to eat, to know they weren’t rushed in the morning and had a good nights rest, to know they aren’t playing alone on the playground, to know they are learning, to know that they are safe, and to wonder, no, to know that they are happy.

For that’s what we all want in life, for our kids to be safe, healthy, and happy. And what better way to ensure our kids get that through homeschooling.

Thank you Turner for the little moments, I look forward to them each and everyday with you and your sister.


Intermediate BMXer

So proud of my son for turning Intermediate in his favorite sport!

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If you don’t know much about BMX, here is a small background on him with the sport:

Turner picked up this sport back when we lived in Texas, he was 5 years old.


All riders start out NOVICE, and must win 10 races to move up to INTERMEDIATE, once INTERMEDIATE you earn more points and you can wear clip less shoes and have clipless pedals (which help increase your speed on the track).  So we will be getting these soon!

INTERMEDIATE riders must win 20 races to move up to EXPERT (where you get EXPERT points).

Each level receives points and at the end of the year you get a plate number based on your districts standings, or your state and national standings (if you competed in those races).


Turner LOVES this sport and has recruited 4 other kids age 6-11 to start racing.


I highly encourage your children (if they enjoy bikes), to find your local track and have fun trying it out. You can find a track here.

There is also Strider racing for the younger kids who can’t ride bikes yet. They are balance bikes and my son had one when he was 2 years old!  He loved that bike, and rode it everywhere. I really think this is why he was able to hop on a bike in no time flat.

Here is my daughter racing Strider last year.



I’ve even raced twice this year!  It’s for everyone and the whole family can get involved, that’s one reason why it’s so appealing to us.

And once your child gets older, and if they ever turn PRO, there is money involved as well, an added perk to something you love doing!


Listening to the wind

It’s 5pm. I’ve been lounging in our hammock for almost an hour. It’s amazing, I’m home, but it’s as good as a vacation.

It’s peaceful.

It’s calming.

It’s beautiful.

It’s relaxing.

It’s inspiring.

It’s one of the best feelings in the world.

To lay in a hammock and listen to the wind blow the leaves. 

I hope everyone has more time to do this, everyone deserves these days (probably more than they get).

Go buy a hammock and enjoy the wind.

*Note:  I take our hammock down after each use and store it inside so it stays perfect 🙂  I also wrote this post while in my hammock!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

My young apprentice

I used to shoot professional photography for 5 years. We focused on weddings, however, we got burnt out and wanted our weekends back 🙂

My 11 year old niece, Kaytlyn, is interested in photography, so I decided to take her under my wing and help her out.  She is one lucky girl getting all this knowledge and using a professional set-up.  We get together once a week.

Yesterday, we got her blog up and going along with her first post. She is doing an excellent job!

Check out her blog and her first photos, they are really good!!!!  Maybe leave her a little love in the comments…..

Here’s a pic of her 🙂


Proud of Lilly

Lilly, our 6 year old daughter, took these photos last Saturday at my son’s Triathlon Competition.  She was hanging out with daddy.

All taken by her, even the self-portrait (on my iPhone)  I think they were all framed really good.  (We have a slight… ummm 5 years experience, with professional photography, so it’s nice to see her enjoying this).

photo 6 photo 5 photo 4 photo photo 2 photo 3

A Day in My Shoes

Tuesday, June 10th

7AM Workout, I wanted to hurry, so I skipped the treadmill & worked out on a StairStep, it was awesome!  I did 115 floors in 20 min, it was the HILL setting, and burned 248 calories, then I pumped some iron. Mumford and Sons always helps me get through my workouts or Maroon 5 🙂


8AM Got home, put in a load of laundry and cleaned the kitchen (I even mopped!)

9AM Got the kids some breakfast and hopped in the shower!

10AM  Finished Miquon Math after breakfast then drove to the library for a Magic Show!

11AM  Magic Show — Turner was picked to go on stage, he thought it was cool!

11:30AM  Sonic break!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

12PM  School time, I helped the kids with their stuff for the day. Here is a run-down for today (they can do it in any order):  Miquon, Khan, Science, Reading, Keyboard practice, and Spanish.

2PM My sister called and wanted to meet up at the park, the kids loved feeding the fish and finally getting down the monkey bars!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset 

4PM Got home and cleaned the fish tank, this is our 2nd Betta (I kinda killed the 1st one, oops!)

5PM-8PM Coaching at the ball field 🙂  We WON!  I really LOVE volunteer coaching.  It’s something I started about 2 years ago, and will continue for many years.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

——— Jason made dinner tonight while I was gone — he’s so great ———-

8PM Decided to watch Catching Fire before bed and snack on some Jalapeño popcorn

11PM Bed!



Meet Lilly

Our ultimate girly-girl.  She is so hilarious and puts a smile on my face each day.  Lilly loves to dance and is in ballet.  She also wants to be on the swim team, but not sure if we have time to make it work this year.  She too has tried many sports including soccer and karate, but ballet is the one she loves the most right now.

My goal for both my kids right now is for them to be some of the happiest people on the planet and pursue their interests.


Meet Turner

Our first bundle of joy.  Turner is really into Legos, BMX racing, and MineCraft, that, of course, is bound to change as he gets older, but who knows.  We try to make sure they are able to at least try out and experience things both kids are interested in, so he has been in: baseball, karate, soccer, swimming, cub scouts, and wrestling, none of which have stuck around, but I am happy to know he had the opportunity to do those things, and make sure he realizes some kids don’t get the chance.

You will find us at the BMX track most Saturday nights, and throughout the week, cheering him on.



Meet Jason

A wonderful person, who really is the one who had the idea to homeschool our children, and pushed and gave me the confidence to pursue this great adventure.  He is the backbone of our family and is always working to better his business, MyModernWeb.  We met in our senior year of high school and was married 2 months after graduation.  It has been a wonderful 10 year roller coaster ride so far!

He has recently took up running, and runs almost daily. He especially enjoys running in the snow and rain, crazy I know!   His other love is his new 1976 2002 BMW.



Meet Megan

I’m the one always on the go.  I encourage everyone to enter runs, races, compete (I love competition), and basically anything to get you moving and enjoying life.  We lived in Texas two years ago, and I got into cycling, bought myself a super sweet Scott carbon-fiber bike – on sale:) and have been waiting for the right moment to enter a race.  This year I think will be the year (if I actually get out there and start training)!  Other than loving the outdoors, traveling, and my family, I am your typical 28 year old wife of 10 years to a wonderful man, and mother to 2 AWESOME kids!

A few goals of mine are to ride my bike in RagBrai (across the state of Iowa), climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, and travel to all 50 states with my kids before they graduate.