A Child’s History of the World Review

So before the summer started this year, I had started Story of the World along side A Child’s History of the World for our History curriculum. I had found a neat website that tried to line up the two books as much as possible, but it became overwhelming trying to get everything organized with two separate books and two different ways to tell the story.

So I needed to switch things, new idea: just use/read through A Child’s History of the World starting and then start SOTW afterwards.


A Child’s History of the World because it was ‘supposed to be geared towards younger children’. My kids liked it a little, maybe. At first they enjoyed it, then the consent groans, and ‘that book is boring’. So after our first 6 weeks of kinda torturing my kids and myself (actually we skipped it most days)…. I decided to STOP!

So we are about to start our 7th week of school, our 3rd BLOCK. We are going back to and staying with Story of the World. Staring with Ancients. I got ours off Amazon, but I’ve seen them in the bookstores, along with the audio version at our library. We also picked up the Activity guide, which seems worth the money.

Not to mention: Check out these cool videos that correspond with parts of the entire series of SOTW.

Anyways, back to the actual review.

It is definitely written in a younger-child oriented way. It is kind of like your grandpa is telling you an old story, but sometimes it seems a little fake. My kids just didn’t connect with the story at all. They really liked the first few chapters, then got bored. It’s not in-depth at all, so it was a little hard to explain things to them, when I felt like each day we were talking about a completely different subject. No immersion at all. I tried sticking with it, because of all the other rave reviews it had gotten, but in the end, we just can’t keep wasting time on it, when I have another (better) resource.

I think I may recommend it to someone with 3-5 year olds who just want to ‘skim’ history. The thing about books is not everyone likes everything. So what works for me may not work for you, and vice versa. I don’t think it’s so bad that I’d throw it away, but we will never pick it up again. If anyone wants my copy for cheap, email me 🙂

I would LOVE to hear about other History curriculums. And other people’s takes on what to do AFTER SOTW? Do you just start back at Book 1, or switch entirely?