Cola Geyser Science Experiment

We are wrapping up our last week of Science before our week break with a ton of experiments using this fun book I found on Amazon.

Lilly is always wanting to explode something or making something messy, so this was right up her alley.

Here is the video of them explaining in their own words what is happening. They also imported, edited, and uploaded this video, which I am stoked about. Technology is super important in our house and they had so much fun today they said it felt like they had only been doing school for 2-3 hours, but we actually pulled in a 7 hour day!!!  Which is SUPER RARE around here. Enjoy!


Mystery Science – Plant Adventures

We LOVE this free Science curriculum, Mystery Science! This is our first unit with it and I already plan on using the other units as our core Science curriculum. We generally do 1 Mystery a week, and it takes about 2 hours. (We don’t rush and also add things like the flower drawing below).

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 3.04.19 PM

The kids really like the videos and it asks the kids to predict what will happen before moving on in the lesson. This really gets the kids thinking and I love the look on their faces when they just discovered something new.

So far we have finished Plant Adventures Mysteries 1-4.

Mystery #1 talked about the different ways seeds can travel. The activity included making our own paper versions of seeds and dropping them to see if the made it out of the Zone of Darkness. The glider seed worked the best and the kids, for some reason, love the ‘zone of darkness’. We also went outside on a nature walk and they pointed out all the different seeds they found (this is still going on today….even when we were at Silver Dollar City they would run up to tell me they found another seed)!


Mystery #2 talked about how plants don’t really eat dirt, and only use the minerals in the soil. They grew their own radish seeds without dirt (hydroculture). I also had them draw and label a flower.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Mystery #3 got my kids excited because they talked about the worlds tallest trees, and when I told them we plan on visiting them someday they were pretty stoked.  I meant to have them do a similar tree drawing and label its parts, but we haven’t got to it yet; however, they really enjoyed the ‘extra’ videos they had after the lesson. They thought it was so cool how you can watch plants follow the light.

Mystery #4  They learned that not all plants need a ton of water or sunlight to survive. They knew most of this, but they really enjoyed the videos. They were surprised at how big Saguaro cacti are too! We did the worksheet and drew our own cacti with the type of animals that use it for shelter.

Mystery #5 Coming soon… we are working on it this week!

Beginning of Spring

Lilly wanted to learn about where water comes from this week, so we talked about The Water Cycle. They watched videos, colored a picture, and narrated back the process.  Caden actually had a great grasp on the process and used the terms evaporation and precipitation perfectly.

We also did a tornado in a bottle experiment, which turned out pretty well, and we ‘Made a Rain Cloud’. It was alright, but didn’t turn out as great as others that I’ve seen posted (I made have used too much shaving cream).

The kids really like the Popular Mechanic for Kids shows that are free on Amazon, so I have been letting them watch one while I finished getting ready in the mornings.

Life of Fred is going pretty good. I’m not sure if I really like it yet. Turner and Lilly seem to think it’s funny sometimes, but Caden isn’t a huge fan. Although I really think he is getting the concept of telling time on the clock with the book. We will be finished with the Apple Book next week sometime. We are doing 2 chapters a day.

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vscocam-photo-3 2

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Bee Unit

The kids have been learning about Bees the past 2 weeks. We got most of the materials from Easy Peasy Zoology. I printed off what we wanted to use (we don’t use everything they have listed, just what works for us).  We also read each day from the book they recommend on Bees.

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The kids really enjoyed learning about Bees. I wanted to share a few photos of the finished product. They colored a bee one day while I was reading. We also cut out hexagons and they glued them to the page to show how the connect.

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During the week, we also watch a few YouTube videos, even one where a bee poops. I know, it’s gross, but Lilly came up to me and asked what bee poop looked like, so we found out. That video lead to another video on the bee dance, and bee hives, etc.  Videos are such a  great learning tool. I’m glad we can look up pretty much anything anytime we need too. (Yes, Lilly writes her ‘g’ backwards).

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We finished up the last day by watching The Bee Movie. They made several references about what was right and wrong during it without me even asking. It wasn’t the best movie, but they liked it enough.


We really wanted to go to a bee farm. I called around, but my kids were a little scared to be around so many bees, so I will take them when they get a little older.

Next unit…. worms 🙂