Intermediate BMXer

So proud of my son for turning Intermediate in his favorite sport!

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If you don’t know much about BMX, here is a small background on him with the sport:

Turner picked up this sport back when we lived in Texas, he was 5 years old.


All riders start out NOVICE, and must win 10 races to move up to INTERMEDIATE, once INTERMEDIATE you earn more points and you can wear clip less shoes and have clipless pedals (which help increase your speed on the track).  So we will be getting these soon!

INTERMEDIATE riders must win 20 races to move up to EXPERT (where you get EXPERT points).

Each level receives points and at the end of the year you get a plate number based on your districts standings, or your state and national standings (if you competed in those races).


Turner LOVES this sport and has recruited 4 other kids age 6-11 to start racing.


I highly encourage your children (if they enjoy bikes), to find your local track and have fun trying it out. You can find a track here.

There is also Strider racing for the younger kids who can’t ride bikes yet. They are balance bikes and my son had one when he was 2 years old!  He loved that bike, and rode it everywhere. I really think this is why he was able to hop on a bike in no time flat.

Here is my daughter racing Strider last year.



I’ve even raced twice this year!  It’s for everyone and the whole family can get involved, that’s one reason why it’s so appealing to us.

And once your child gets older, and if they ever turn PRO, there is money involved as well, an added perk to something you love doing!