My Bucket List

1. Fly in an airplane

2. Fly in an airplane with my kids

3. Visit Washington D.C.

4. Travel and visit all 50 States with my children before they graduate, passing through does not count

5. Go on a cruise

6. Hold a wild animal (wolf and lion cub)

7. Really help someone in need

8. Own a successful business

9. Retire with a million dollars in the bank

10. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

11. Climb Mt. St. Helens

12. Visit each continent

13. Complete a century ride

14. Skydive

15. Go white water rafting

16. Go on a real safari photographing the wild

17. Visit the 7 natural wonders of the world

18. Visit the 7 natural wonders of the USA

19. Go to Disney World

20. Camp on the Beach

21. Ride Horseback somewhere absolutely beautiful

22. Watch a Chiefs game in every Stadium

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