Biking is awesome, you should try it

I just wanted to share with everyone my love of biking.

I picked up this hobby about 2 years ago while living near Houston, TX…. League City actually. A ton of people bike there: BMX, mountain, road… everything.

So I went and bought myself a mountain bike and road bike from Sun Ski Sports (both on sale, an added bonus!)

And so the love began. I have always enjoyed biking, but now am more serious about it, I mean I wear an $80 bike helmet, gloves, you know, the whole shebang!

I just want to encourage who ever is reading this to try out biking, or at least another outdoor hobby you have always wanted to get into. It’s never too late to start.

The mornings when I get up and ride I feel so much more alive and an overall better sense of happiness.

It’s amazing what nature can do for you, and riding next to groundhogs, deer, snakes, etc is really something else.

So, hop on a bike and start pedaling! Even better — ¬†find a bike buddy!