No Workbook Wednesdays

5 days of school was starting to become a drag. It seemed like we needed a mid-week relaxed day. Instead of taking the entire day off, we came up with another solution: No Workbook Wednesdays.

Now, when I first mentioned this to the kids they were pretty upset (they don’t like to part with their Math book!)…. just kidding!  They LOVED the idea, (a little too much maybe).

We all had a ton of fun and we like the idea of unschooling, but we also like the idea of our kids not getting behind and challenging them. I feel like they wouldn’t be challenged as much if we just left the learning up to our regular day. So, yes, we have workbooks for Math, Spelling/Reading, and Language Arts.

Here is a small clip of what the day is like and how we still manage to learn and experience a lot.

A thought on Curriculum

Throughout the last year and a half, I have read and reread about so much curriculum it gives me a headache.  Choosing a curriculum, if you do that sort of thing, can be daunting and it can burn you out before you even start your homeschooling adventure.  I think the best thing to do, is to follow your heart, not your head.  That will lead to a love of learning that will be instilled in your children, or we can at least hope!

It’s easy to compare your kids to other kids, but remember they are all individuals, with the same goal in mind, but maybe not the same path chosen to get there. The program you choose needs to work for both the child and the parent, or success won’t be there.  You are a team and must work, learn, and grow as a team to ensure all goals are met. If your child really hates that Math book, put it down and find something else (it will save you from having to constantly battle with them to do Math anyway). The same goes for every subject or activity.  We have switched many times because I want my kids to love school and learning.

If you are finding you aren’t sure what to get, go to a convention so you can see first hand, before you buy, what it’s all about, with your kids and make sure you’re on the same page.

Our ultimate goal is for our kids to be happy and successful in whatever they pursue, and to raise well-behaved and outgoing individuals. I don’t think it matters if I pick (insert name here) or (insert name here), as long as they like it and understand it.