Pink Lemonade anyone?

Our city has a HUGE garage sell every year. People come from all over and there are generally 300-400 sells. Yes, it’s crazy… they even close school for this. (It’s on a Friday and Saturday).

Anyway, my daughter wanted to sell pink lemonade, so she made her sign while her dad made the lemonade.


She did really well, and sold out, but hey it was only a quarter a cup. She kept the dollar bills to save for a doll she is wanting and put the change ($4 I think) in one of those children hospital drop off boxes (for some reason, she has an obsession over those).

Meanwhile, her brother tried to sell his Hot Wheels for a quarter a piece also… he sold a few this way, but I had another idea. I told him to put 5 cars in a baggie and sell them for $1. It worked like magic, he made $27 and still has so many cars you wouldn’t even know he got rid of that many. He bought a new video game and then saved the rest.

They had fun being entrepreneurs for the day! Great experience for them.