College by 12, hmm…..

I finished reading “The Brainy Bunch”, by Mona Lisa and Kip Harding about a month ago.  They have managed to send their kids to college by the age of 12. I was interested to read not only how they managed that, but how they encouraged their kids to want to pursue that level of education at a young age.

I don’t necessarily want my kids to be in college by the age of 12, but I wouldn’t be against it if they wanted it and were ready for it.  I’ve been to college and honestly, it’s not that challenging as long as you show up for every class and do the work. 100 level courses always seemed pretty high school to me. In Geography, we were talking about things I learned my sophomore year.  I’m not trying to downplay college, but I don’t think the 1st or 2nd year is that bad. And I agree with the Harding family that kids as young as 12 can succeed in college with the right mindset and plan. I loved how they talked about not just dropping off your kids and leaving them, that they stayed on the college campus so they felt safe.  Sometimes she even sat right outside the classroom.

In our family, the only plan we have right now is to provide a safe, loving place where they can learn. I do encourage them to work at higher levels than they would be in PS, but only if they are ready. I can see them graduating a few years early, around 15 or 16, if they ever had the drive to do it.  That’s the big thing for us and I’m sure the Harding family, their kids have that drive to succeed quickly, mine, as of now, do not.  I am already a firm believer that senior year in public HS is a waste, so I do hope my kids want to try and graduate early, but only time will tell.

The book was a great read, although I hoped for a little more information.  It helped me remember that following your child’s interests is important and can lead to that next level of success.  They really talked about that a lot in the book.

Here is an interview of the family.  If you haven’t read the book, it’s worth your time.

Anyone else’s thoughts on kids going to college at younger ‘than normal’ ages?  Are you planning for your child to graduate early?