Missing Homeschool

I got to cuddle next to the kids last night and watch Miracle on 34th Street. It was so great. I feel like I haven’t spent enough time with them since they started school. I miss these moments.

The kids have been in public school for 3 weeks now.

At first, we all really liked the change. The kids made friends, they have been doing well on their work, and they said they enjoyed school. But not so much anymore.

Now our mornings are full of grumpiness and sometimes tears. They don’t have that same excitement when they wake up, and frankly, neither do I. I am on their side. I think homeschool is where they need to be, it’s just a matter of timing now. It’s going to happen. I miss them so much and teaching them and watching them grow and learning something new. I miss all that. And I’m sad when I think of all those kids in school whose parents miss out on that too. I feel more distant with both kids since they started. I don’t know what’s going on in their lives and even though it’s only been three weeks in PS, their personalities have already begun to alter, and not neccesarily for the better.

We are going to keep them in school for a little while longer. I’m thinking until Christmas break, so I have time to get our business up and going and then I can quit my job too.

Homeschool is one of the best things our family has ever done. Yes, it’s completely stressful and sometimes we have lazy days, not accomplishing much, but wow, I miss every second. I miss making breakfast with them, eating lunch at our table or maybe a picnic. I miss reading to them. I miss teaching them. I miss their smiles and laughter. I miss it all.

The saying where the grass is always greener on the other side is so true. We thought it would be better for so many reasons to put them in school, but we were wrong. We are a homeschooling family and always will be.

I am glad we tried public school out. I think it was just what we needed to give us a boost when we come back to homeschooling. The kids had started to take homeschool for granted and I believe they will appreciate the way we do things much better now.


Two words. Public school.

Two more words. Debt free.

We love homeschooling our kids. We have been doing it officially the last three years, and plan to continue that journey in the future. However, we also want to make a better life for us and our future. We have read Dave Ramsey‘s The Total Money Makeover many times and I listen to his podcast almost daily to help keep us on track, but something was missing. We could be out of debt (except the house) in 2-3 years with no change in our income. That’s not fast enough for me. When I get excited about something I tend to go a little crazy and want change instant. So we thought about it and the only way to pay down our debt in less than one year is for me to work more.

So that’s exactly what we plan to do.

We will send the kids to public school for this year while I help bring in extra income to get us where we want to be financially.

We are all sacrificing on some level and have discussed it to make sure everyone was on board. The kids were excited to try out a new experience for this year and understand what we are trying to do to get us to a better place. Live like no one else, so later you can live like no one else. That is Dave Ramsey’s motto. I repeat that to myself many times a day.

Not only are we putting the kids in school and I’ll be working more for the next 7 months like a crazy person, but we are putting everything else on hold too. There is a long list of things that I want done around the house or mini-trips we would like to take, all are hard to say no to, but we are in this 100%, so for 7 months we will buckle down and be dedicated to our new lifestyle.

We still plan on ‘homeschooling’ the kids outside of school. They will continue with their Teaching Textbooks math each day, their journals, and coding. I may even pull them out for the day if we plan an awesome field trip.

This is one small chapter of their lives and we look at it as a real-world experience, which is our main goal as parents: to give them experiences to help them grow into a well-rounded adult.

Until next time.


Time has flown by, and somehow I’ve completely neglected this blog…

It’s crazy to me that my last post was back in July and Thanksgiving is next week! Ahhh! What happened? I’m not sure, life I guess. I did think about sitting down and writing a post a few times; however, that proved to be easier ‘thought of’ than done.


Homeschool is going fairly well. It has been somewhat of a roller coaster these last few months. We started off strong, like most homeschoolers, then sort of dwindled unexpectedly. Caden, my nephew, also stopped coming here about a month ago. His mom will be teaching him since she is able to stay at home now. It’s nice to be back to just two kids, but the kids miss playing with him. Luckily, he still goes on field trips with us.

I started a part-time job in August, so that has taken a small toll on our schooling. Mainly, we we actually get things done. It’s not bad, it’s just not consistent each day, so we just do things as we feel like it right now. Although, sometimes (most times) I leave the kids with a small list of things I would like them to accomplish while I’m at work it I have a long shift. It works nicely and gives them something to do other than resort back to their screens.

In September, I started a homeschool Facebook group for taking field trips and to take advantage of some awesome group discounts. We have had two trips so far and both turned out well. I encourage you to find a group of people you really like and plan things with them. I always wanted to do this, but never had the guts, this year changed when I really noticed my kids wanting that extra social interaction and to make some friends who weren’t related to them, so I put my shyness away and went with it. It’s been great for both of them and myself.

My guy also turned 9 in September and we celebrated with a party then a limo to laser tag with his friends.

_JAS8440 _JAS8479 _JAS8463

Our daughter turned 8, and we also had a party then a party bus to a local skating rink and ice cream. Both parties were a blast and so much fun. Not sure how we will top those in the coming years!


I’ll be posting some of the trips we have gone on over the last few months in upcoming posts this week. Hopefully, I can start posting weekly again! Fingers crossed. There is something soothing about sitting down at the computer in the morning, alone, just typing away.

A Day in My Shoes

Tuesday, June 10th

7AM Workout, I wanted to hurry, so I skipped the treadmill & worked out on a StairStep, it was awesome!  I did 115 floors in 20 min, it was the HILL setting, and burned 248 calories, then I pumped some iron. Mumford and Sons always helps me get through my workouts or Maroon 5 🙂


8AM Got home, put in a load of laundry and cleaned the kitchen (I even mopped!)

9AM Got the kids some breakfast and hopped in the shower!

10AM  Finished Miquon Math after breakfast then drove to the library for a Magic Show!

11AM  Magic Show — Turner was picked to go on stage, he thought it was cool!

11:30AM  Sonic break!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

12PM  School time, I helped the kids with their stuff for the day. Here is a run-down for today (they can do it in any order):  Miquon, Khan, Science, Reading, Keyboard practice, and Spanish.

2PM My sister called and wanted to meet up at the park, the kids loved feeding the fish and finally getting down the monkey bars!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset 

4PM Got home and cleaned the fish tank, this is our 2nd Betta (I kinda killed the 1st one, oops!)

5PM-8PM Coaching at the ball field 🙂  We WON!  I really LOVE volunteer coaching.  It’s something I started about 2 years ago, and will continue for many years.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

——— Jason made dinner tonight while I was gone — he’s so great ———-

8PM Decided to watch Catching Fire before bed and snack on some Jalapeño popcorn

11PM Bed!



My kids don’t know who Bach is

My kids are your typical everyday kids. They get grumpy if you wake them up too early, they watch movies, play with their friends, learn new things, and even whine to try and get their way.  They are six and seven.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of comparing your kids to others, and even easier when it comes to homeschooling and what everyone else is doing.  I’ve been victim to this. I let myself get pulled in after reading another blog where so and so was learning 2 languages that year and doing a unit on famous composers.  I thought, “Wow, my kids need to get going and not get behind.” So I started researching what I would teach them. Then reality hit. My kids are six and seven, they don’t need to know who Bach is right now. They have their entire lives ahead of them.

So I stopped researching. We enjoy learning a ton of things around here, but you won’t catch me trying to cram information about Mozart to my six year old (unless she asks). We do listen to classical music in the car though 🙂

It’s fun to read blogs and see what others are up to, but don’t get too caught up in it. You can’t teach your child everything!  You don’t know everything, no one knows everything.  And even if you cover the Great Depression, who knows how much they will remember in a few years. Everyone has GAPS in their education and knowledge, you have to decide what is important to you (and your state mandates) then go from there to decide what to teach your kids (and maybe ask them what they want to learn about).

So, if you ask my daughter or son who Bach is right now, they won’t have a clue.  Give them a few years and ask again.

However, Turner can talk your ear off about BMX, car makes and engines, Minecraft and Legos. Lilly can go on about ballet terms and knows more facts about animals than I probably do!

What about your kids?  What are they really interested in right now?

Labels and goals

In previous posts I have labeled us as 1/3 Un-Schoolers, 1/3 Classical, and 1/3 Charlotte Mason, but why did I do that?  Doesn’t that just put us in a box?  Can we stray from the box or are we stuck in there forever….?   Let me answer:  I did that so I can relate to readers and help us with goal setting, HOWEVER, we are not stuck in the box, we don’t have a list of what to do each day marked down to the hour, and we can change our minds whenever we feel like we should.  So can any of you.

I am a firm believer in doing what is best for your child’s education, that’s why we homeschool. 

We are not fans of government ran mini-prisions for our kids, however, I understand some kids have no choice.  When my child was in public school I kept thinking of all the negative around him and how no one there, not even his teacher, cares for him as much as I do.  I am the one who understands his strengths and weaknesses best, who can cater to his needs.  It’s not the teachers fault, its the entire school system.  I don’t blame the over-worked teacher who has WAY TOO MANY kids in his/her class.  Most teachers do their best, and that’s all most parents can ask, but I’m not one of them, and I decided that I could tackle homeschooling.

The only thing that really matters is whether your family is happy. 

Labeling our homeschool is beneficial in setting goals for our kids.  It creates a philosophy so we all understand what we are striving for each day.  We are striving to be happy, life-long learners of life and academics. We are striving for our kids to see the importance and the fun in reading great books. We are striving for them to appreciate nature and the beauty it holds, and how we all need to make sure to keep it that way. We are striving for them to want to learn. We are striving for them to understand that it’s okay to not know the answer, but it’s important to be able to figure out how to find the resources to get the answer. We are striving to raise good-hearted people.

I’m sure pretty much everyone would agree on our goals, no matter what homeschool style they fit into, but how we get there is different.  That’s where your philosophy comes into play.  You may be wanting to study bees, but your kids wants to know about dog breeds….. do you go ahead with what you want, or listen to your kids and their interest at that time and go with theirs (saving Bees for another day).  And when you decide on a subject how do you approach it….living books, lap books, field trips?  Those are all different ways, all good in their own way, but depending on your philosophy it may be different than other people.

What is your philosophy on homeschooling and your goals?

Children are amazing and can do amazing things if you open your heart and mind and give them room to flourish. 

Meet Lilly

Our ultimate girly-girl.  She is so hilarious and puts a smile on my face each day.  Lilly loves to dance and is in ballet.  She also wants to be on the swim team, but not sure if we have time to make it work this year.  She too has tried many sports including soccer and karate, but ballet is the one she loves the most right now.

My goal for both my kids right now is for them to be some of the happiest people on the planet and pursue their interests.


Meet Turner

Our first bundle of joy.  Turner is really into Legos, BMX racing, and MineCraft, that, of course, is bound to change as he gets older, but who knows.  We try to make sure they are able to at least try out and experience things both kids are interested in, so he has been in: baseball, karate, soccer, swimming, cub scouts, and wrestling, none of which have stuck around, but I am happy to know he had the opportunity to do those things, and make sure he realizes some kids don’t get the chance.

You will find us at the BMX track most Saturday nights, and throughout the week, cheering him on.