A Day Trip To Branson, MO

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A few places in Branson, MO, including Talking Rocks Cavern, The Butterfly Palace, and the Hollywood Wax Museum wanted her blog to review them, so we spent the day visiting each place.

First up was Talking Rocks Cavern (my favorite place out of all three), however, everyone gave it two thumbs up and would go back again.

The area surrounding the cavern is really pretty. They have a small putt-putt course you could try while waiting on your tour to start, there are picnic tables outside and a play area for the kids. We spent a good hour in the gift shop looking at all the neat rocks and many other items they had. The restrooms were clean, which is a huge plus, and there is an indoor area to climb around in, which my family loved.



The tour starts at the same place it did when they first opened their doors, which is super neat. You get to hear the history of the cave and how it came to be before entering the cave itself. Once you enter you are met by a ton of narrow stairs, which I find fun, but this cave is certainly not for everyone. Anyone with any type of inability to walk through narrow, steep, sometimes slippery situations would not be able to complete the tour.

_jas5716We walked as a group to certain talking points, then stop and listen to the science and history of the cave.Our tour guide was really nice. I have been to other area caves and I would put this at the top of my list for beauty and the different rock formations you get to see. It’s not the biggest, and you see most of it right from the get go, but it was super fun. The only part that was weird was at the end of the tour where our guide turned the lights out and they had this type of colored light show set to music. The lights were fine, but the music just made it weird and unnecessary. I felt like it took away from what we were looking at. I think silence during that part would resonate more.



Talking Rocks Cavern was worth the trip, and if you are able to walk up and down narrow, steep stairs, I would highly recommend it.



Next up we visited Hollywood Wax Museum.

This was Lilly’s favorite place. We all enjoyed using the props and taking photos with some of our favorite celebrities. It was a good place to kill an hour and have some cute photos to look back on.




The last place we visited was The Butterfly Palace.

We had actually been here before, so the kids knew what to expect and were excited to return. Their favorite place is the butterfly room and headed straight for it as soon as we entered the building. Most of their time was spent hunting butterflies. Then we pursued the gift shop area, the nature center, and the mirror maze. All a good time. This place is really enjoyable. highly recommend.

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A day full of fun memories was made and thank you to all the locations for having us.