College, not our end goal

Our philosophy is for our kids to grow up as self-reliant, outgoing, honest, caring, and an all-around good-natured person who goes after what they want in life.  If college is needed for what they want to achieve, great, I”ll send you off with a smile.  However, if something else interests them and college is an unnecessary step, then we want to guide them to be successful without college as well. There are many careers available that do not need a college education.

Jason, my husband, is an entrepreneur and has managed to create his own business without a college degree. He started his first business when he was in high school. The only thing a degree would have given him (us) is a giant hole of debt he needed to dig himself out of, you can never get rid of school debt, so make sure your kids are wise about money choices.  We want to raise financially smart people and going to college just for the sake of saying they went to college is the biggest waste of money, but if a doctor is their dream, then of course it would be needed.

We know many people who have gone to college and are not using their degrees, or later change their minds and go back to college, earning another degree before they pay the first one off.  We also know many successful business owners that never went to, or dropped out of, college.

So, no, we aren’t homeschooling our kids for the sake of going to college, we have other goals for them (mentioned in the first sentence above), but if college is in their future, they will be completely ready academically for that venture as well.