Cola Geyser Science Experiment

We are wrapping up our last week of Science before our week break with a ton of experiments using this fun book I found on Amazon.

Lilly is always wanting to explode something or making something messy, so this was right up her alley.

Here is the video of them explaining in their own words what is happening. They also imported, edited, and uploaded this video, which I am stoked about. Technology is super important in our house and they had so much fun today they said it felt like they had only been doing school for 2-3 hours, but we actually pulled in a 7 hour day!!!  Which is SUPER RARE around here. Enjoy!

Snow Creek Skiing near Kansas City MO

Back in February we went to Snow Creek up near Kansas City, MO for a fun day of skiing.

It was a first for most of us, although my husband has gone before, which was evident considering he was just crazy on the skis…. braving all the expert courses with ease.  (I stuck to the small hills with the kids).


The place was a blast. The price was affordable since we went as a homeschool group (only $25 a person), and we had so much fun, we are planning on going back each year!

If you are in the area, check them out. It doesn’t seem like much at first, it is mainly fake snow they create there, but once you put on the gear you start to feel like you are at an actual ski resort.

They offer skiing, snowboarding and tubing (on certain days).

Here is a short video I put together of our trip.

School of Rock!!!


Turner has found something he is into besides video games 😉 Hey, I’m not one to hate on video games, I absolutely LOVED them as a kid. I was awesome at Mario Kart, Golden Eye, and Banjo Kazooie back in the day.


I’ve been hoping our son, Turner, would find another interest and he did. We took both kids to School of Rock back in December, and he was hooked from the first lesson. They actually say he is one of the better ones for his age and picks it up super quick.

13178762_10207820494004472_3854898689814816030_n Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 9.36.35 AM

I’m so proud of him and also for my daughter for trying out SOR. She completed one season with them, but decided it wasn’t right for her at this time.

Here is a video of Turner playing one of his favorite parts he learned for last years show: Breaking the Law.

Here is a video of both of them. Turner on the drums, Lilly vocals.

If you have a School of Rock near you, I would recommend it to anyone. My son loves being around other musicians, working in a real band, and just playing the drums.

We just signed him up for a 2nd lesson each week closer to our town, which he also enjoys because they let him pick the song he learns. So far its been Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes, and now he is on Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

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The Castle, Renaissance Festival-Muskogee, OK

We had never been to a Renaissance Festival until this field trip. I came across this website a few months back and bookmarked it because I knew it was something I’d like to check out with the kids.

When we arrived and drove up towards the ‘castle’ it looked so-so, but the people helped make it a day to remember. Everyone was so kind and best of all, in character. There were so many people in costumes and all dressed up, it was really neat to see.

There were a ton of booths and shops. We enjoyed looking through them, although we didn’t really buy anything.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We came on a ‘school day’ and got a special price of $5 a ticket, which is really good considering they are normally around $15/person. (I would have been disappointed to have paid that, but it was probably worth $10…..). I thought activities were free (for some reason) and I was wrong. Everything, besides some of the ‘shows’ (music, juggling, magic show, jousting show, etc) cost an extra fee.

Plan on spending around $50 easy for a family of four, and that was with us being tight-wads!

We really enjoyed the day, you can see most everything in about 4 hours, and we found this amazing park right down the road and had a picnic afterwards.

I would recommend visiting during their school days, I believe it’s worth the trip at least once.


Time has flown by, and somehow I’ve completely neglected this blog…

It’s crazy to me that my last post was back in July and Thanksgiving is next week! Ahhh! What happened? I’m not sure, life I guess. I did think about sitting down and writing a post a few times; however, that proved to be easier ‘thought of’ than done.


Homeschool is going fairly well. It has been somewhat of a roller coaster these last few months. We started off strong, like most homeschoolers, then sort of dwindled unexpectedly. Caden, my nephew, also stopped coming here about a month ago. His mom will be teaching him since she is able to stay at home now. It’s nice to be back to just two kids, but the kids miss playing with him. Luckily, he still goes on field trips with us.

I started a part-time job in August, so that has taken a small toll on our schooling. Mainly, we we actually get things done. It’s not bad, it’s just not consistent each day, so we just do things as we feel like it right now. Although, sometimes (most times) I leave the kids with a small list of things I would like them to accomplish while I’m at work it I have a long shift. It works nicely and gives them something to do other than resort back to their screens.

In September, I started a homeschool Facebook group for taking field trips and to take advantage of some awesome group discounts. We have had two trips so far and both turned out well. I encourage you to find a group of people you really like and plan things with them. I always wanted to do this, but never had the guts, this year changed when I really noticed my kids wanting that extra social interaction and to make some friends who weren’t related to them, so I put my shyness away and went with it. It’s been great for both of them and myself.

My guy also turned 9 in September and we celebrated with a party then a limo to laser tag with his friends.

_JAS8440 _JAS8479 _JAS8463

Our daughter turned 8, and we also had a party then a party bus to a local skating rink and ice cream. Both parties were a blast and so much fun. Not sure how we will top those in the coming years!


I’ll be posting some of the trips we have gone on over the last few months in upcoming posts this week. Hopefully, I can start posting weekly again! Fingers crossed. There is something soothing about sitting down at the computer in the morning, alone, just typing away.

Kansas City Field Trip Day

The kids and I had a fun time in KC a few weeks ago.

They had never been to a Krispie Kreme, so we stopped by to watch how donuts are made, then tried a few.

We headed over to the Federal Reserve afterwards. It’s free and somewhat entertaining. It’s worth a trip, especially if you have anyone over 10 in your group. My kids are all under 10, and liked it for about 30 minutes.

After that stop, we went to the SeaLife Aquarium, this was a spur of the moment thing, because I felt bad the Federal Reserve wasn’t more interesting for them. They all really loved this place. I had an IKEA family card, which got me a free child’s ticket. I think they run that promotion until the end of January.

Springfield MO Discovery Center

We visited the Springfield, MO Discovery Center a few days ago during free admission day.

The kids had a really good time. Turner really seemed to be into understanding why or how things work.

Lilly’s favorite part was walking through the dark room with ‘stars’ and spinning with her brother.

They both eagerly want to go back, however, honestly, I’m not sure I would ever pay the full admission price. They have increased the prices in the last few years to $10 for adults. It just doesn’t seem worth it to me. By time I take my family, I’m spending around $40 to walk in the door.

It was a good time, but it also seemed like some of the exhibits could be more exciting and kept up better. I was very disappointed in the Culture/Regions of the World area. Things seemed dirty and a lot was missing. They really need to invest in this area, an entire revamp would be more like it.

There were areas designated for younger kids, but honestly I think kids 6 and up benefit the most, and if you take the time to read the signs you can learn a lot.

All video was shot using our new GoPro Hero 3+.  It’s amazing and a wonderful purchase, I highly recommend.

How ’bout them apples…Famous homeschoolers

I love to refer this list to those people who aren’t so sure about homeschooling a.k.a. family members. It’s funny how once I spout off a few names they tend to quiet up 🙂

For a more complete list go here, but below are a few of my favorite go-to people:

Albert Einstein

-Alexander Graham Bell

Benjamin Franklin

-Charlotte Mason  (we follow some of her methods in our home)

-Elizabeth Blackwell  (1st woman doctor)

-Leonardo Da Vinci

-Thomas Edison

Thomas Jefferson

Tim Tebow  (homeschool graduate)

Robert Frost    “I still say the only education worth anything is self-education.”

-a ton of actors and musicians

I don’t know about you, but after reading this list and the rest of them over here, it gives you a sense of peace knowing that these amazing people were all homeschooled and managed to become successful in their lives. Follow your heart.

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-
I took the one less traveled by, 
And that has made all the difference.”
by Robert Frost, “The Road Not Taken”

How we [school]

This past year has been full of changes.  I was also attending college full-time, but recently decided homeschooling is where my focus should be and now we are adjusting to find a way to do things daily, that everyone can benefit while keeping it fun.

We homeschool year round.  This seems to be the easiest, less stressful, and most rewarding way.  Because of this schedule we are able to take breaks every month.  We want the kids to know school and learning is a way of life, and not something you do for only 9 months.

We do 3 weeks on, 1 week off.  This gives us time to take field trips or vacations every few weeks.  The kids are able to build off what they have learned without needing to go over it again.

With this schedule we have 39 weeks on and 12 weeks off, with 195 days in class at home.  Technically, with only 180 days needed, we have some wiggle room for sick days or an unexpected trip.

Our last day (this year) will be June 27th.

Any other year-rounders out there?

Meet Lilly

Our ultimate girly-girl.  She is so hilarious and puts a smile on my face each day.  Lilly loves to dance and is in ballet.  She also wants to be on the swim team, but not sure if we have time to make it work this year.  She too has tried many sports including soccer and karate, but ballet is the one she loves the most right now.

My goal for both my kids right now is for them to be some of the happiest people on the planet and pursue their interests.