Camping/MTN Biking at Devil’s Den

A few weeks ago we drove about 2 hours away to Devil’s Den State Park in Arkansas to camp and hangout at their annual mountain bike festival. I had wanted to go last year, but we didn’t get too, so this year we made the reservations so there was no turning back. Fortunately, we also went with some friends (who also happen to be our neighbors). Each of our kids had someone to hangout with and it was great because they all seem to get along well.

The festival itself wasn’t too exciting. There weren’t a lot of booths set up, but it was fun to ride with a group of MTN bikers (even if I was one of the slower ones).

Lilly went on her first trail that weekend. At first she thought it was awesome, then she started to freak herself out, but in the end she pushed through it and ended with a smile on her face, which is all I could ask for.

Everyone had a blast, except for the undeniably COLD conditions we slept it, that was pure torture at its finest. It was actually painful. Cold camping is the opposite of fun.

Some photos to document our trip….


Mountain Biking with the Boys

FINALLY!!!  I am so excited because I found a killer deal on a Scott Mountain bike for my daughter, which she loves. However, her big brother (8 years old) borrowed it for the day to try out mountain biking with mom and dad. My nephew also joined us, who is also 8.

This was on the Slaughter Pen trail system in NW Arkansas. If you are ever in the area, be sure not to miss it. There are many miles and difficultly levels for everyone.

We had an amazing Halloween morning biking, even with a temp of only 45 degrees. Can’t wait to go back!

We got our wrecks out of the way early and had a blast through 5 miles of beautiful AR terrain.